A waving paw, hi!

I'm Regina

I have a background in design, 2D game art, illustration and technical art. I have had multiple roles in an Ecommerce setting with website management and design. In my role as a game artist my responsibilities included making 2D art assets, launching in-game content, handling technical graphic issues, training illustrators and creating work flow and style guides. I participated in 48 hour game jams in my free time which taught me about scope, brainstorming and what can be done in a short time with enough caffeine.

More recently I have spent time watching my children grow, learning about life through caretaking, reading and exploring more ways to create (such as folk crafts, paper mache, ceramics, weaving, as well as completing a college certificate in textiles design). This lead to more interest in how humans interact and develop and its influence and how we interact with technology now.
A photo of me, Regina!  I'm wearing a hat and glasses and there are flowers drawn around me.
I participated in a 12 week UI design bootcamp through the IxDF in 2022. Since then I have completed 16 certificate courses (totaling 280+ course hours) through their learning platform, scoring in the top 10% in all of those courses and named in the top 1% of all performers on their platform worldwide. The certificates can be seen on my IxDF page as well as my Linked In profile.

In addition I have taken courses to learn more about programming languages (HTML, CSS, Java, React, Unreal) for better understanding of the technology involved for projects, implementation of UI components and assets and communicating with developers.

I have completed certificates in the following topics:
• Conducting Usability Testing
• Mobile UX Design
• Mobile UX Strategy
• Human-Computer Interaction
• Accessibility
• AI for Designers
• Service Design
• Perception and Memory
• Visual Perception
• Emotional Design
• Gamification
• Information Visualization
• Imitating Physicality
• Affordances
• Gestalt Psychology