Game Art

I worked full time at mobile and social game company 50cubes in San Francisco from 2010-2013, while there I worked on the titles Mall World, Fashion Designer, Fashion Tale, and Gemstone Journey. Included here are also small concept side projects and work done on 48 hour game jams.

Gemstone Journey

Gemstone Journey was a mobile game made for Android while I was working at 50cubes in 2013. In the game you are a round gem that turns into other shapes, you get bonuses based on the shape you are.

I did the character design as well as creating UI elements. The final backgrounds were made by other artists on the team, but I did the color design, which changed throughout the level, I exported all the files and added the color codes to the different parallaxing layers, the final effect was really cool and helped the feeling of progressing through the level without using large files.

Below are some of the concept sketches I had made early on when the idea was just shapes.

Cute gems with faces walking away from a castle into a forestCharacter design sheet of gems in different colors, shapes and with facesDetailed versions of the gems that were used for in game UI elements, as well as hearts, stars and bombsColor script of the backgrounds from the game Gemstone Journey, the colors slowly change through the level and on are parallaxing layers.

Gemstone Journey Concept Art

Concept sketch of colorful shapes with cutesy facesConcept of mountain background with colorful shapesConcept of forest background with colorful shapesConcept of pink desert backgroundConcept of ice cave background

Mall World

I worked on Mall World from 2010-2013 at 50cubes in San Francisco. I illustrated 1,000+ vector assets in Adobe Illustrator including dresses, accessories, hairstyles, make up, pets and store displays. I worked with a fashion content team to set up bi-weekly premium stores that were the biggest income generator for the game. During my time there we had over 1M active monthly users and featured ad campaigns with well known brands and TV shows that often featured sponsored custom content and stores. I created the cats with a well known cat litter brand through a promotion where the users voted on which ones they liked best.

I was also responsible for style guides for the illustration team and trained new illustrators in our style and illustration best practices and creating other documents for uploading/launching content through the CMS. I worked with our dev team to handle most of the technical art issues as complex vector files sometimes created bizarre artifacts or were too large when exported and would cause the game too much lag.

Styled avatars from the Game Mall World in

Sadventure (TW, suicide)

Work from a 48 hour game jam (specifically Molyjam, 2012) called Sadventure. All games for the jam were based on short game idea tweets, the one I picked was about having the win scenario of the game being that you had to die to be with your tragically passed girlfriend. I worked on this with my brother, it was a short point and click adventure scene where you can click on items and contemplate life/death and sigh.

I created the backgrounds, character design/ animations, and a spooky ambient soundtrack.

I need to say that the only real action you can do it commit suicide for your girlfriend, it is bleak and I absolutely do not condone suicide, but rather making art and jokes as an outlet. At this point in my life (my mid 20s) this is the art I would have created for myself as this was a personal project and not for work, but still something I am proud of. You can look around and click on objects and read prompts like:

'She'll never get mad at me for playing video games again... *sob*'
'I don't remember this book, I wonder if I will ever not remember her?
'This lamp is broken... like my heart... and my lamp... sigh'
'I wonder if this rat killed himself to be with his dead girlfriend'
''Cooking for two'... for one... sigh'
'This was her favorite spoon...  Oh wait, this is just a regular spoon, nevermind'

Deep Sea Deli

Concept art made for a colleague's underwater sandwich making game in Adobe Illustrator. This was made for him to test and pitch and was eventually made as a game by Playfirst for iOS in 2013. I only worked on this concept and not assets for the published game.