Illustration Gallery

The work featured here was made over years with various media. I'm inspired by stories, fairy tales, sci fi, animals, cuteness, and color. My work has been exhibited in small galleries in LA and San Francisco, please contact me by email for any illutrastion/art inquiries.

Hawaiian Pattern Design

I originally made these for a pattern in a 'Mid Century Modern Hawaiian' themed contest on Spoonflower. You can see the pattern here.I liked them better on their own, I used Hawaiian flowers and birds for inspiration. Adobe Illustrator 2017.

After making it I did order some fabric with it to make a baby blanket for my daughter, so I can say the fabric turned out cute too.

A baby in a pineapple onesie laying on a blankie featuring the Hawaiian fabric design
Illustration of Monstera Leaves and birds of ParadiseIllustration of Red Hawaiian FlowersIllustration of a PineappleIllustration of Plumeria FlowersIllustration of Hawaiian Birds
A Pink Dripping Girl sleeping in the forestIllustration of an aviator inspired girl flying a giant sparrowFanart of Nausicaa in the Toxic JungleIllustration of a girl biting into a giant fruit with bold colorsPrincess Mononoke riding Moro the giant white wolfA Bright little red riding hood digital illustration with a small dog in the background of the woods, red birds are in the treesA mermaid with pink and white hairA dark gray and red illustration with red riding hood looking cute in the center, a creepy cute black wolf hiding in the backA Starry sky with large girl walking across the frontA cute gray seal on geometric rocksSugar Gliders flying and swinging to branches
Simple illustration vignettes of a fox hunting a rabbit to feed its familyA space age alien girl with green skinA girl with green skin and laser eyes and skeleton hands
A girl in orange and blueGirl with turquoise skin, a large bun and a spacey dress.A cute Harpy with braided hair and rainbow pink bird wingsA girl with blue hair and tan skin and attitude
A watercolor painting of a girl floating in water in light blue and redAnother watercolor painting of a girl floating in waterA watercolor comic panel with two people's eyes meeting, one girl and one flaming purple manA watercolor painting of a witch with a tarot card, herbs and third eyea watercolor painting of a wizard with potion bottle, bone, and third eye